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About Me

I have been illustrating books and producing artwork since the early 90s, when I graduated from Brighton University. Projects have included: Children's Books; Mind, Soul and Body; Poetry; Tarot; wildlife.
I would describe my work as 'Gothic Art', inspired by sinister tales and macabre stories. More recently I have been painting hares - this has become a bit of an obsession. There are so many meanings and mythologies connected to the hare that I continue to be inspired by them.
For information about buying or commissioning artwork, or buying prints of artwork please email me at I sell prints for 7, including postage (if in UK).

Mad March Hares book

Available now on Amazon, Vikki's 'Mad March Hares' features nearly all of her hare paintings, along with poetry that she uses within the paintings. 3 poems and one short story 'The Crow and the Moon.

Recent Work

'Rent' poster (Click Productions)
'Rent' projections (Click Productions)
Shar Pei painting for Shar Pei Rescue (England)
Shar Pei painting for Shar Pei Rescue (Scotland)
Shar Pei painting for Shar Pei Rescue (Australia)
Bags for Bath Light Operatic Group
Pet portraits
Hare paintings
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